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Synthetic Grass - Artificial Turf - Fake Lawn - Whay is the difference?

By Synthetic Grass NSW, Dec 3 2015 06:40AM

Synthetic Grass - Artificial Turf - Fake Lawn - Is there anything different?

The Short Answer is NO...

Although there are many uses for Synthetic Grass the terms Artificial Lawn, Fake Lawn, Synthetic Lawn are all the same thing. Synthetic Grass may be used for Sporting, Childcare Centres & Homes. At Artificial Grass Sydney we have many different types of Synthetic Grass to suit individual needs from our Famous Lawn Estate 38mm for homes with its soft feel, realistic look and added strength. You cant go past this product for homes and for Childcare Centres. We also have specialised products for tennis and long rubber & sand in-filled Soccer Field Surfaces. All these products have the same names, "Synthetic Grass".

Synthetic Grass Lawn

If you would like a free sample of our Synthetic Grass Turf Artificial Fake Lawn (ha) then call us today to organise an express delivery via post or one of our Sales people can bring it for your Free on Site Quote if you are based in Sydney NSW.

Synthetic Grass NSW

If it is quality Artificial Grass you are after in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia or Tasmania, then at Synthetic Grass NSW We will Supply you Free samples and deliver to you no matter where you are. Even tough remote locations we can get our Artificial Grass Lawn to you. Now that the confusion is over about what the difference is between Synthetic Grass Lawn and Artificial Turf you can now work out what Artificial Grass product you want. So why not go to our website page for Artificial Grass Products and find the product for you. All you have to do is choose a product from our supply list. You can the either order your Synthetic Grass online direct from us or you are welcome to call and we can take your order over the phone.

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Nov 24 2017 08:28AM by JC Mereles

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